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BRANDVOCATES India Private Limited (BIPL) is a MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING COMPANY having core strengths on BRANDING and IMAGE BUILDING. Studies, Research and Developments are the tools of our ideas, innovations, initiatives, and advocacies.

We are extensively engaged in change management process like structural re-engineering, systemic renovations, procedural reforms, and behavioral interventions that enable the functional efficiency, productivity and brand image of corporates, industrial entities, and service utilities.

We are specialized in SKILL DEVELOPMENT, CAPACITY BUILDING AND BEHAVIOURAL TRANSFORMATIONS which improvises organizational behavior and impacts the management and business performance of our clients. We have a wider access in consumer market and service industries.

We evaluate, improvise, promote, and endorse the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES based on their qualities, compatibilities and competitive features, and end users’ perceptions in the market. Survey, Surveillance, Safety, Security and Satisfactions are the 5 Ss of our actions.

We design, develop, and execute NEED BASED MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT MODULES for the training of corporates, industries, and public utilities on the various model subjects of newer management policies, organizational behavior, performance excellence boosters, business development strategies and customer delight enlargement activities.